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Nature and potent product from wild Iceland

The Land of Ice and Fire




Paxlans singed exclusive distributor with MODU

On the principle of mutual benefit and common development and work together to build the MODU brand, to expand the brand influence of MODU in China and to promote the sales of MODU products in the Chinese market, Paxlans will cooperate with innovative new toys brand, The Danmark MODU AS.



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Exploring New Fields

Nordic Paxlans Group &  Fantai Group jointly established (Nordic) Fantai Group AB(Swedish Organization No.559216-5244), with a total investment of 10 million euros.

New company will conduct import and export of different products between Aisa and Scandinaiva , carry out domestic and foreign transport, as well as related business.

Starting out with the first business from China mainland established in 2009, it has been a long way for the company and we are now known as Paxlans group. As a truly global company, Paxlans has its footprints in many countries with sales and sourcing offices in Stockholm, Suzhou, Xiamen and manufacturing base in major those Asian cities. We take pride in being economically well-balanced company with wealthy turnover. Its always been our pledge to provide better living for human resources by being a socially responsible and caring company. The N.P.G is well equipped with In-house product development, centralized sourcing & control of all food, fabrics, accessories, fit & quality.


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