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Stockholm. Sweden

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Starting out with the first business from China mainland established in 2009, it has been a long way for the company and we are now known as Paxlans group. As a truly global company, Paxlans has its footprints in many countries with sales and sourcing offices in Stockholm, Suzhou, Xiamen and manufacturing base in major those Asian cities. We take pride in being economically well-balanced company with wealthy turnover. Its always been our pledge to provide better living for human resources by being a socially responsible and caring company. The N.P.G is well equipped with In-house product development, centralized sourcing & control of all food, fabrics, accessories, fit & quality.

Each of our Subsidiaries specializes in a certain product range:


Shenzhen Paxlans Trading Co., Ltd​.

Trading of food products and sundries such as stationary and chemicals in the East and West market. Serving globally with procurement mainly from Germany, Sweden, Danmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.





Fujian Vasa Trading Co., Ltd.

  • Trading of electronic goods and household items and a wide range of goods. Licensee of global brands like Brookstone, DJI and Ogawa  it serves customers in various countries

  • Bags, Shoes, Denim jeans, woven and knitwear

  • Various trading services in wide-range product areas, we aim to open up our business to all growing-demand industry in any market.



Xiamen Jingyi Trading Co., Ltd

Relies on professional trade background, we provide Online and offline platforms supply chain services for maternal and child

products and food, including Tmall, Jingdong, Vipshop,Xiaohongshu, Ole', Yonghui, Shanghai Greenland, Yuanchu

Food, Merry seasons, Qier mother, shazz momo, TF GOL, etc.

Xiamen Jingyi serves more than 200 online stores and more than 1,000 offline stores. The annual turnover of import and agency business exceeds 100 million yuan. In the import business area, we are now currently the largest trading company in Fujian Province.

In the agency business area, we currently one of the most competitive agencies in Fujian Province.


Suzhou Paxlans Travel Co.,Ltd


Through a wide network of partners, Suzhou Paxlans Travel can provide superior travel services, including Passport Expedited Tour Plan Hotels, Airfare, Travel Transportation, Travel Insurance Vehicle Supply: Currently the company is in Nordic dispatchable vehicles (8-60 seats) at 20 -50 cars. Tour Guide Resources: The number of Chinese tour guides with a group is 50. Before the tour, the company signed a formal contract, which was reviewed in detail and had a customer feedback information system.



Product features : deep tour, self-driving, parent-child, vacation, photography, extension, skiing, golf, fishing, etc.


Hangzhou Meatball Tech Co.,Ltd

Meat Tech Focus on e-commerce brand building, providing cross-border e-commerce companies with independent website setup, overseas marketing and advertising marketing services. With the official authorization of Tmall, JD, Xiaohongshu, Kaola and other channels, it is committed to serving SME foreign cross-border of e-commerce to enter Chinese Market.





As a global business we hold important values close to us, ensuring that our business is efficient and successful. ‘Make it Right the First Time’ is our commitment to our customer and in order to achieve that we ensure that we have correct planning, quality control, meticulous and timely execution. We hold an open door policy to all in order to encourage interaction, discussion and ideas to improve the work environment, which in turn increases our productivity. We believe that we deliver a very competitive and impeccable service to our customers.Wherever the demand is, we are eager to explore, we catch the waves with capabilities and thorough market research and planning.

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